Finish Guide

Finish Guide

This guide was put together to show Rustic Craft's standard finishing options. Remember, we are open to all custom requests and love trying new things!

Finish Colours

For now, Rustic Craft offers 3 standard colours of finish. If you would like something different, we ask that you specify the stain colour and we will accommodate for a custom finishing fee. 


Our natural finish starts off quite light in colour - the wood looks exactly as it does after sanding and clear coat is applied. Over the course of a few years, the furniture colour deepens to a nice golden-honey. This is the colour of all the Rustic Craft original works. When trying to match decades-old furniture, this is usually the finish to choose.

Rustic wood side chair


The medium stain is a mixed-in-house hue that highlights the character of the wood while enhancing its colours and adding a special sparkle. When looking for furniture complimentary to almost any space, this is the go-to finish. It has become our most requested stain.

log handle dresser medium finish        Child kids conference table


Our dark option provides a deeper and obviously darker colour to the piece. This finish brings out the darker grains of the wood. It maintains a distinct shade of brown without getting so dark as to be considered ebony.

Smooth dark finish barstoolf

Surface Construction


This style sees tabletops, shelves, and chair seats sanded down to a silky smooth texture. Table corners are rounded (squared corners can be requested with a smooth surface).

custom engraved child's stool


The distressed option is a sort of step between Smooth and Rough Hewn styles. The surface of the piece is sanded smooth and then distressed to provide a slightly more weathered appearance. This has become our default construction style in stained furniture.

rustic wood distressed finish

Rough Hewn

Rough Hewn pieces maintain the saw marks and general condition of rough sawn wood while being cleaned up enough to have usable surfaces. This style only lends well to stained finishes, which is why natural finish is not an option when selecting Rough Hewn construction.

rough hewn rustic construction


Our newest style of construction, Backwoods has Rough Hewn pine tops and bark-on natural hardwood frames. Backwoods furniture brings a deep forest feel to any space.